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These are just some of my favorite things. Things like cookbooks, websites, products and kitchen gadgets and tools. I use them regularly, I don’t get paid to write about them, although wouldn’t that be nice!

Cranberry Mayonnaise

  The day after Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same with out a leftover turkey sandwich. My Mom and brother would pile on turkey and cranberry onto toasted bread spread with mayonnaise. Now, I admit I’m not a fan of cranberry. … Continue reading

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Whipped Key Lime Pie

I love Key limes, also known as the Mexican lime or West Indian lime, as you may know if you’ve perused this blog. After about 20 years, my beloved Key lime tree needed to be replaced. It produced so much … Continue reading

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Andes Creme de Menthe Chunk Cookies

Well, I was looking for a cookie to make for a school function, the annual Cookie Extravaganza, and found these Andes baking chips in the baking aisle in the supermarket. I love Andes mints so I thought I’d try the … Continue reading

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Easy Strawberry Sauce

So, I got a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas this year from my boys. I’ve been under the weather so now that I’m feeling better it was time to try it out! I love, love, love Belgian waffles and I … Continue reading

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Nutella – Is there anything better?

I discovered Nutella in 1987 when I took a trip to the former Yugoslavia with my brother, Craig, and a group of his friends. What intrigued me the most was the fact that these little containers were offered at breakfast. … Continue reading

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Easter M and M Cookies

I love M&M cookies! My kids love M&M cookies! My husband loves M&M cookies! So I decided to make M&M cookies today! I recently bought the pastel Easter M&M’s and realized I had accumulated 4 bags! So, we now have M&M … Continue reading

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Refreshing Strawberry Margaritas

Strawberry margaritas are so refreshing. I absolutely love them with a sugared rim. Of course these can be made with frozen strawberries but fresh is always best. These are perfect to enjoy sitting out by the pool, relaxing with friends … Continue reading

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Freezer Strawberry Jam

Freezer Strawberry Jam made with fresh strawberries I have never tried my hand at making jam but I have such an abundance of beautiful strawberries that I wanted to give it a whirl. Not wanting to invest in canning equipment … Continue reading

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Are you a Gooseberry Patch Fan?

Gooseberry Patch offers so many wonderful cookbooks and I’ll never forget when I had my first recipe published in one of their cookbooks. How thrilling it was! The best part was getting a copy of the cookbook for free. Over … Continue reading

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Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

Some of the wonderful strawberries we picked last weekend wound up in my strawberry ice cream. This is creamy richness bursting with intense strawberry flavor. This is a non-custard ice cream and does not require eggs. I have a Cuisinart ice … Continue reading

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